Are you looking to get a new car, but want to spend your money as smartly as possible? A car can be a significant expense. We all want to update our vehicle with maximum savings. Thankfully, this is possible. A car novated lease allows you to update your vehicle in the most cost-efficient and stress-free way.

How does a car novated lease work?

In a car novated lease you can get a new car as a part of your salary package. An agreement is made between the leasing company, your employer and you so that payments can be directly deducted from your salary by your employer. On these terms, managing to get the car of your choice is possible. You don’t have to wait to accumulate a significant amount of savings. Contributing to your car directly from your paycheck is not only convenient but saves you money.

Your employer will deduct payments from your pre-tax salary. That allows you to cover fees from a more substantial amount of money, that hasn’t been touched by taxing. Plus, taxing will only be applied to the remaining amount of your salary, so the tax you end up paying is reduced. You are paying for your new car, cutting tax and getting more disposable income in each pay.

Dealing with unexpected expenses can put stress on your personal finance. A car novated lease also makes maintaining and caring for your car more convenient. You won’t have to worry about all the extras that so often escape our minds since most of your expenses can be paid for on a fuel card.

Fuel, tyres, insurance, registration bills and car services are all factored into your car novated lease payments. Your expenses will be planned for promptly, instead of springing up on you at inconvenient times. Plus, since all of these expenses are also paid for from your pre-tax salary, you end of saving on all of them.

By working with Vehicle Solutions, you are reducing your costs right from the start. We have the tools and experience needed to get you the lowest possible price on the vehicle of your choice. It has a high impact on your car novated lease and the size of your payments. The lower the car price, the lower the lease payments. Getting a good car price is the first step to take on the path of savings.

Get a look at just how much money you can save with our car novated lease calculator. You can get personalised data about payments and savings factoring in car cost and lease term without giving up any sensitive information. Contact our fantastic staff at Vehicle Solutions today. We are eager to help you get your hands in a new car and save you some money.