As an employer, your relationship with your team of employees, no matter how big or small, has great impact over your business. Added benefits are a great way to attract and give back to a hard-working staff, at no extra cost to you. A car novated lease is a great resource you can offer your hard-working employees. The best thing is that supporting your employees in the acquisition of a new car is easy and comes at no extra cost to you.

You Have Nothing to Lose

You can work with us to offer your employees a car novated lease without any downsides. Our salary packaging service is free for employers, greatly reducing administration costs. This allows you to provide your staff with a great benefit, save money and even possibly get rid of company cars.

There’s really no negative consequence in helping your employees get the car they want and need. If for any reason, your employee leaves, the novation deed is broken automatically. The finance arrangement will only involve the employee and leasing company, leaving you off the hook. It’s a risk-free operation.

You Get to Increase Your Employee’s Net Salary

A car novated lease allows your employee to pay for their new car out of their pre-tax salary, which in turn increases the amount of money they have for payments. This allows your employee to enjoy greater disposable income and saves them on paid tax. Additionally, you save your employee more money since extra expenses such as tyres, fuel and car services are part of the novated lease agreement. By offering these solutions to your employees, you are establishing strong attraction and retention resources into your business.

Give Your Employees Freedom

Giving your employees a car novated lease is so much better than offering them a company car. A company car is very limiting in terms of use and employee independence. On the other hand, a car novated lease allows your employee to get the car of their choice and remain 100% in control of it. They can get the car they really want and pay for it right out of their salaries. Plus, they get to enjoy their vehicle with complete freedom for personal use.

Easy Management

Many employers can be hesitant to set up a car novated lease benefit for employees because they don’t truly understand how it works. The truth is that there’s far less work involved in the process than you might think. With Vehicle Solutions giving your employees the option of a car novated lease is easy and comes at no cost to you.

At vehicle solutions, we can offer your employees competitive leasing and the best service. Visit the Vehicle Solutions website today for more information on car novated leasing and how it works. Call our friendly staff today so that we can assist you in setting up a car novated leasing programme for your employees.