We specialise in Novated Leases

A simple deduction from your pay will save you tax and time. Get a FREE NOVATED LEASE QUOTE on any new, demo, or used vehicle.

We are the specialists in Novated Leases

We specialise in Novated leases, it is the only service we provide so we make sure we share our knowledge and experience. This starts with a more competitive price on the car, lower lease rates and choice of insurer. Our online calculator is free and never asks for your personal details.

Vehicle Solutions Australia was founded by Greg Harris and Vanya Andropov who have over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive industry. We were frustrated by the lack of simple and transparent information on Novated Leases. So we changed this by designing and launching an online system that enabled car dealerships to quote a Novated Lease in house at the time when customers needed this information most. This meant customers now had instant information on the car they wanted to lease to assist in their purchase decision.

This system is now in over 400 dealership sites across Australia.

From this we gained a lot of experience, so we started our own Salary Packaging company. We were rewarded very quickly with both the Northern Territory and ACT Government contracts for Novated Leasing. We now service over 100 employers across Australia.

Our success is simple. Take the time to explain the process, answer the questions, provide the information a customer wants, in a simple, plain English format. Then save your customer as much money as possible.

We are passionate about choice and so are most Government departments. You always have the choice of where to buy, finance and insure your Salary Packaged car. This choice allows you to maximise your savings through buying the car at the best price and getting the lowest payments on the lease and insurance.

This means you pay less and save more.

It’s that simple.

We are the specialists in Novated Leases and know we can save you more on your Novated Lease.

We start this process by offering one of the only free, no obligation calculator that allows you to generate as many quotes as you need without asking for a single personal detail. No names or contact numbers and no email addresses.

However we are always here to explain the quotes and answer any questions you have.

Simply call us on 1300 990 880 or complete our online enquiry forms and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Enjoy your salary packaged car
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Vehicle Solutions Australia


The simple answer is no, however this works in the following manner. The leasing company pays the dealership the GST included in the purchase and they claim the total amount. This means you are financing the car GST exclusive. The payments on the lease include GST however as you are Salary Packaging the car through your work the GST is claimed by your employer and this tax saving is passed on to you. This is an ATO guideline used by all Salary Packaging companies.

We have Australia’s only fully automated online new car pricing site.


Motorbuys eliminates the exhausting process of price-hunting for your new car. Put in a request on the exact car, colour, and accessories to every dealership in your region, or Australia-wide.

We consistently deliver better pricing than any other online service, without any pressure or hassle, all for a $19.95 fee, which is refunded upon the purchase of your vehicle.

We give you back the control.

We’ll tell you which dealerships have your car in stock – down to the exact colour and accessories. Get the exact on-road price, anonymously and stress-free.

Novated leasing lets you pay your vehicle expenses before tax. This means you pay less tax and have more money in each pay. The other real benefit about Novated Leasing is the convenience. Most expenses can be paid for on a handy fuel card. This means you don’t have any more unexpected car service, insurance or registration bills.

Novated Lease Benefits

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