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Charlie Vega
Charlie Vega
14 February 2024
Cannot speak highly enough of Riggo and the excellent service provided from start to finish, very clear and concise. Explained the massive savings and benefits of a novated lease especially for an electric vehicle. Responded quickly and answered all my questions. Ever grateful for the great service provided. Recommended Riggo and the team 10/10.
Sean Smithy
Sean Smithy
14 February 2024
One hundred percent, extremely helpful, great experience dealing with Van, from vehicle solutions and his team. Full of good advice and recommendations, always made himself available. I'm a first-time lease applicant and had a lot of questions and queries. No such thing as a silly question, steered me in the right direction all the way. When it came down to the pinch after receiving short notice to pick up my vehicle, Van and his team went over and above to ensure a smooth transition with funds etc to enable me to pick up my beautiful new vehicle.
Nicky Kerr
Nicky Kerr
29 December 2023
Clear communication. Very prompt, friendly and professional service. Would highly recommend
janine baigent
janine baigent
18 December 2023
Van, and the team at Vehicle Solutions made the whole process so easy and fast. In no time I was driving my new car with no problems. I can't speak highly enough about them, and recommend them to anyone looking for an efficient, friendly and professional company to use.
Jerome Yii
Jerome Yii
14 December 2023
My spouse and I recently engaged in a self-managed novated leasing arrangement through Vehicle Solutions to procure a BYD Atto 3. Initially, the experience was pleasant, especially considering our initial lack of familiarity with novated leasing. Vehicle Solutions effectively facilitated our understanding of the process, influencing our decision to proceed with them. However, post the completion of the paperwork, our experience with Vehicle Solutions has been less than satisfactory. Their after-sales service has consistently failed to meet expectations on multiple occasions. As I articulate this review on Google, I've reached out to them on at least four occasions, hoping for resolution, but each attempt has proven unsuccessful. At this juncture, I am uncertain about the competency of Vehicle Solutions and question their understanding of their own processes. I strongly advise against choosing them for novated leasing based on our disappointing post-purchase interactions.
Danny Zaloumis
Danny Zaloumis
10 December 2023
From my very first interaction with Riggo from Vehicle Solutions, I was incredibly impressed by his professionalism and dedication. What really stood out was the immediate response I received whenever I had questions. Riggo didn't just provide answers, he provided clarity and confidence, ensuring that every aspect of the Novated Lease process was transparent and understandable. Their service was nothing short of excellent. Every step of the way, I felt supported and well-informed. In fact the whole team at Vehicle Solutions demonstrated a deep understanding of my needs and went above and beyond to ensure that all my requirements were met with the utmost efficiency. The convenience and benefits of the Novated Lease program were clearly outlined, and the Julian's expertise in this area was evident. He made what could have been a complex process feel straightforward and stress-free. The teams friendly and approachable manner made the entire experience enjoyable. I am thoroughly impressed with Vehicle Solutions and highly recommend their services to anyone considering a Novated Lease. They stand out not just for their knowledge and expertise, but for their exceptional customer service. Thank you, Vehicle Solutions, for making this experience so positive and rewarding!
sachin patel
sachin patel
7 December 2023
I recently had the pleasure working with Riggo at Vehicle Solutions to get our Novated lease finance for our new car and I must say, the entire experience was exceptional from start to finish. Riggo's dedication to providing top-notch service truly stood out throughout the entire process. From the moment we began gathering information about the Novated lease to receiving a quote, Riggo was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to guide us through every detail, ensuring we had a clear understanding of the options available and helping us make informed decisions. The process of settling the finance on our new vehicle was remarkably smooth, thanks to the Finance team at Vehicle Solutions. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction made the entire experience stress-free and enjoyable. If you want a hassle-free journey from information gathering to driving off in your new car, look no further than Riggo and the fantastic team at Vehicle Solutions. Five stars all the way!
29 November 2023
Thank you Van, Julian and the team at Vehicle Solutions Australia for helping organise a self managed lease for my new Tesla. From the first phone call with Van through to the follow up call, it has been nothing short of 5 stars. No question was too silly, Van was a pleasure to deal with, honest, upfront and patient through the entire process. Communication is key and I felt the team were contactable at all times and responsive to my queries. Thanks again.
Slava Kozlovskii
Slava Kozlovskii
22 November 2023
Working with the VSA team has been an exceptional experience. Their communication was consistently prompt and precise. They flawlessly managed the entire process of arranging novated leasing for both me and our company, leaving no questions unanswered. I highly recommend their services, particularly for those interested in leasing electric vehicles.

Latest EV News – New Government Legislation has passed!

The Federal Government has passed changes to the Tax Act making EV’s & PHEV’s under $89,332 FBT exempt. The legislation allows employees to Salary Sacrifice 100% of the finance & vehicle running costs from pre-tax salary. This means all employees pay no tax and no GST on these costs, leaving more disposable income in every pay. Click on one of the buttons below to either try our new 100% Tax free EV Calculator or, visit our new EV site detailing every tax free EV and PHEV available in Australia under $89,332.

Vehicle Solutions Australia have provided a competitive choice and a far more efficient, transparent service in Novated Leasing options to Government employees for over fourteen years.

Use our online calculator to see how affordable we can make your next car. It’s FREE, never requires personal details and is 100% accurate.

Vehicle Solutions Australia service over 150 employers Australia wide with our simple, competitive, transparent service. Our service is FREE to all employers irrelevant of size and requires little to no admin.

With the new EV Tax changes, a Novated Lease benefit to all employees is now a must have.

The most important part of any Salary Package is to understand how it works, the benefits and where the savings come from.

Once you understand this you are in a better place to make a decision.

About Us

Vehicle Solutions Australia was founded by Greg Harris and Vanya Andropov who have over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive & finance industries. Frustrated by the lack of simple and transparent information on Novated Leases, we designed and launched an online system for car dealerships to quote a Novated Lease at the point of a vehicle sale. This meant customers now had competitive, transparent information to assist in their purchase decision when they needed it most.

From thousands of customer experiences, we started our own Salary Packaging company. We were quickly rewarded with both the Northern Territory and ACT Government Salary Packaging contracts. We now service over 280 employers across Australia.

We help Government Employees get a better deal!

We’re passionate about choice and so are most Government departments; you always have the choice of where to buy, finance, and insure your Salary Packaged car. This allows you to buy a car at the best price, and get the lowest payments on the lease and insurance.

We offer one of the only free, no obligation calculators that allows you to generate as many quotes as you need without asking for a single personal detail. No names or contact numbers and no email addresses.

Frequently Asked Novated Lease Questions

The simple answer is no, however this works in the following manner. The leasing company pays the dealership the GST included in the purchase and they claim the total amount. This means you are financing the car GST exclusive. The payments on the lease include GST however as you are Salary Packaging the car through your work the GST is claimed by your employer and this tax saving is passed on to you. This is an ATO guideline used by all Salary Packaging companies.

We have Australia’s only fully automated online new car pricing site.

Motorbuys eliminates the exhausting process of price-hunting for your new car. Put in a request on the exact car, colour, and accessories, then MotorBuys will send your anonymous request to every dealership in your region, or Australia-wide. Dealerships have 24 hrs to submit their best quotes, so you get to see who has your car in stock at the best price.

We give you back the control.

Get the exact on-road price, anonymously and stress-free now. BONUS !! It’s FREE!!

Novated leasing lets you pay your vehicle expenses before tax. This means you pay less tax and have more money in each pay. The other real benefit about Novated Leasing is the convenience. Most expenses can be paid for on a handy fuel card. This means you don’t have any more unexpected car service, insurance or registration bills.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs Page.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

State Government Clients


“Fantastic service from Vehicle Solutions in Adelaide. I would recommend to anyone considering a novated lease give Vehicle Solutions a call. Great service fantastic price on the car and no pushy sales tactics.”

Nathan A, ADF

Private SME Clients

“The team at Vehicle Solutions is entirely focussed on YOU getting the best deal for your circumstance. I would highly recommend”

Kieran E , Private Company SA

Federal Government Clients

“I did a Novated lease with them, appreciate their assistance in making it happen. The process was swift, and fairly effortless. They were quick to answer many queries and doubts I had. I highly recommend them for their Novated lease service”

Vinod B, Federal Government – ATO

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