Every car needs fuel, tyres, maintenance, registration, insurance and in most cases some form of finance. Salary Packaging or a Novated Lease simply lets you pay for these expenses before tax, so you pay less tax and have more money in your pocket.

A Novated Lease is simply an arrangement between the financier, an employer and an employee. The arrangement allows an employee to sacrifice (hence the term Salary Sacrifice) a portion of their salary back to the employer, who uses these funds to pay the vehicle’s running costs. This means the employee pays less income tax, no GST on all running costs including the finance that is salary packaged, whilst retaining full control of the vehicle for 100% personal use.

Convenience and no more big car bills!

You have the choice of including all vehicle running costs to maximise your tax savings. So you will never have to worry about vehicle bills again. A fuel card pays for fuel, tyres and servicing. When your registration and insurance fall due, simply send them in for payment. A Novated Lease is a great budgeting tool, whilst saving you thousands in tax.

New, used or multiple cars can be packaged?

A Novated Lease is available on any new, demo or used vehicle. The general rule is the vehicle can not be any older than 12 years at the end of the lease. For example a 7 year old car can be leased for 5 years. You can even take advantage of the tax saving by arranging a Lease-back on a car you currently own or have on finance. There is also the option to have multiple Novated Leases to maximise your tax on vehicles for the whole family.

Who can drive the Car?

You have no restriction on who you allow to drive your car. As long as the driver is lawfully covered under your insurance policy they are free to drive the car.

How much will a Novated Lease save me in tax?

Use our Novated Lease calculator, it’s free and we don’t ask for your personal details. This means you can do as many quotes as you like on as many different car prices and salary levels you need.

Can I get a Fleet Discount?

Yes, Vehicle Solutions is listed on most car manufactures lists as a Novated Leasing provider. Therefore you automatically qualify for fleet pricing. To save even more try MotorBuys. Motorbuys is our sister company that allows you submit an anonymous request for pricing and availability on a new vehicle. The request is sent to every dealership for that make completely anonymously. Dealerships have 24 hrs to submit their best price and availability, then you have 3 days to assess all quotes and make a decision. Car buying made simple without the pressure and stress of negotiating in person with multiple dealerships. By getting a better vehicle price you pay a lower lease payments and therefore save even more.

What’s The Process of Establishing A Novated Lease?

Get a quote on the car of your choice

Use our online calculator and download a fact sheet to understand exactly how Salary Packaging can save you thousands on driving a car.

The calculator only needs a few simple details and you can get a quick quote immediately. No personal details required.

Get finance pre-approval

Apply online by clicking HERE or call us on 1300 990 880 to do an application over the phone and get an approval that day.

The pre-approval is free and simply means you can shop with more confidence, it does not constitute ANY obligation. The approval will also assist in shortening the final steps in getting your new car delivered, and importantly can lock away the current fixed rate for up to 3 months.

Documents and delivery

We produce all documents and personally go through each document in detail with you.

We make sure that you understand the entire process before you enter into any agreement. Once signed and settled you can pick up your car and enjoy the drive knowing your saving tax and all budgeted expenses are covered.

Salary Packaging or a novated lease simply lets you pay for these expenses before tax, so you pay less tax.
This means you have more money in your pocket every pay and the convenience of all vehicle running costs paid.