Employee Benefits

Novated Leasing is a gift from your employer. Understand the benefits and save tax in every pay.


All we do is Novated Leasing, so we can offer a more competitive, transparent quote, as well as all the services you expect.

  • Firstly we offer a completely free, no obligation quote system that is transparent and very accurate. We don’t force you to submit your personal details before offering a quote. You can quote as many times as you need and we are always here to explain the quotes in detail. This is the only way to understand the process and make a more informed decision.
  • Secondly, the key to getting the best Novated Lease deal is buying the car at the best price. This means less interest and lower payments meaning more money is your pocket. That’s why we offer motorbuys.com.au. Motorbuys will get you the best price and without the pressure and hassle of shopping around.


Services we offer that you should expect from your supplier

24/7 Online Access to your Account
On this website you have access to the “Employee Logon”. This will take you to a secure site that provides you with information on your entire transaction list from the very beginning. This is set out in a easy to read bank statement format showing all of the DR’s and CR’s and a running balance. The site also allows you to edit your personal details such as name, address and contact details, change your password, access our frequently used forms to complete claims and odometer readings.

Fuel Card
Every vehicle package comes with a fuel card. The fuel card that we use is Motorpass simply because it allows any employee to purchase the widest range of vehicle running costs in Australia. This includes a majority of fuel stations, vehicle service centres, and most tyre, windscreen, and battery retailers. The monthly account is sent directly by Motorpass to us and we pay all expenses. No need to find that extra bit of cash to pay for the fuel. Just enjoy the convenience that all of your running costs are paid.

Best New Car Prices Guaranteed
FREE* to employees purchasing a new vehicle through Vehicle Solutions Australia. Use our unique vehicle quoting system to receive quotes from all over Australia anonymously. This ensures you are always in control and have the time and space to make your decision without any pressure.
*We refund the fee to all VSA clients purchasing through the system.

Discounts and Tax Savings.
The most popular item to Salary Package is a vehicle. Employees can begin saving by using our unique new vehicle buying system. Our experienced staff guide you through a quote explaining in detail and in plain English how Salary Packaging works. Only then do we establish a package and the employee begins their tax savings.

GST Savings
Through a novated lease the GST on the vehicle is not financed and as the running costs of the vehicle such as fuel, tyres, servicing, registration and insurance are all paid through the employer who can claim a majority of this GST this is passed back to you automatically in the salary package.

Fast Turnaround
In most cases if a vehicle is in stock we can process a Salary Package and have you driving your new or used car within the week.

Simple, Easy to Understand Language and Documentation
We have put a lot of research into the way we present, quote, document, and manage your salary package. The one single aim is to ensure you have complete clarity and transparency of the service and products on offer before entering into any decision.

Onsite Presentations
We always come to you, whether it is at your work or home. We provide small group or personal one on one information sessions. These sessions are tailored to you. We can give brief overviews of Salary Packaging or detailed discussions to match salary packaging to your personal needs.

Fast Daily Claims Processing
All claims are processed and back into your bank account in 24hrs from the time we receive them.