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Employer Referral Program

Dealerships sell cars, finance, insurance and after market products. That’s your business. So why let Leasing companies treat your dealership as a virtual showroom, to pick and choose cars at a discounted price, they take the finance insurance and some even sell and fit aftermarket products.

We work with you, we let you keep your clients and do what you do best. This allows you to sell more cars at a higher gross. You control the finance, insurance and after market products.

We work with vehicle dealerships across Australia to help people purchase and manage vehicles efficiently. Stop being bullied by leasing companies that just take your business. Start your own marketing program to generate sales and stronger business to business relationships. We work with you.
Your clients remain your clients we will not market the clients without your knowledge. We simply provide the back office and on the ground support.

Best of all we provide this service to our dealerships at no cost.

Our system is simple and can be instigated from any fleet or retail sales office.

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Get The Employer On

We assist you in marketing, introduction emails and joint presentations.

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Employer Signs Up

We do the introduction emails to the employees, explaining the service, including a vehicle special from your dealership.

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Monthly Employee Contact

We do emails each month to all employees with a current vehicle special.

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Sell Cars

Salary Packaging is the best finance close in the industry. It is very successful in selling cars without negotiating on price.

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Increase Vehicle Gross
Increase Finance Income
Increase Insurance Income
Increase Aftermarket Income