Australian Defence Force Novated Lease.

Vehicle Solutions Australia have provided Novated Leasing to Australia Defence Force personnel for over 8 years. Use our online calculator to see how much your car will cost. It’s FREE, never requires personal details and is 100% accurate.

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All Australian Defence Force personnel have a choice of where they source their Novated Lease.

Vehicle Solutions Australia have been providing Novated Leasing solutions to defence force personnel for over 8 years. We understand the process and always deliver the most competitive car pricing, novated leasing and comprehensive insurance. We urge every defence force employee to get a second quote for our online calculator.

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Whilst all efforts have been made to provide the most accurate results possible, these figures are based on the information you have provided and should only be used as an example. The example includes scheduled servicing, tyres, registration, lease payments, fuel and Comprehensive insurance. Prior to signing any documents you will be provided with a copy of all the paperwork including this estimate, finance terms and conditions and a copy of the insurance Product Disclosure Statement and the company’s Financial Services Guide.


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