You need a new car — scratch that! You need two new cars. And, ideally, you want to get them without blowing through your savings and putting your finances under enormous strain.

Why get a novated car lease on two vehicles?

Children are all grown-up. As parent or guardian of a teenager, you know just how daunting providing a car for them can be. Ideally, you want to give them a reasonably new car, on reasonable conditions to guarantee their safety. However, gathering up the savings required for such a purchase can be hard. And, having your son or daughter drive around in an old beat-up-car can end up costing more on repairs and maintenance. With a car novated lease, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, safety or your budget.

Your spouse needs to move with independence when you are not around. Getting a novated car lease on a second car can allow your significant other to get a new vehicle without completely overturning your home economy.

Another reason why you might seek out to get a car novated lease on a second vehicle is to get a family car. Salary packaging can allow you to work the acquisition of a second car into your budget. That way you can get a car that’s big enough for all your family to enjoy. It is especially vital for a growing family that needs to prepare for the needs of travelling with younger children.

A car novated lease can be a tool to prepare for retirement. Instead of eating away at your retirement savings and superannuation, a car novated lease can allow you to set up a car purchase for retirement while you are still able to make payments from your salary.

An expanding family, travel, or whatever your situation might be, circumstances can change your transportation needs. Saving money is already a big enough concern for the purchase of one vehicle, let alone two. However, with getting the cars, you still need to meet your lifestyle needs is not impossible. Doing your research goes a long way into finding a solution. It pays to get familiar with the options available to you.

Can a novated car lease work for you?
Getting a novated car lease for more than one vehicle is possible. There is no specific limit set to the number of vehicles you can salary package. In reality, it all comes down to what your salary and your employer can allow.

Conditions on your lease

Many employers won’t allow you to package more than 50% of your salary, which can impact your novated lease options. To see if and what a novated car lease can do for you for your specific needs, you should factor in your salary, the cost of the vehicles of your choice, and lease term. You can start seeing how the numbers play out with our car novated lease calculator.

If you aren’t sure if your salary can work for the lease of two vehicles, fill in the blanks. That’s where our dedicated staff comes in. We’ll answer all your queries and guide you through the process. We can assist you in finding the best car options with the lowest lease payments. Our team is committed to helping you explore all the possibilities, doing our best to help you get the cars you need.