The purchase of a new car is an exciting yet stressful event. Saving up to make a significant investment such as an original car purchase can be close to impossible for many. There are quick actions you can take to save money and make buying a new car a pleasant experience.

With a car novated lease, buying your dream car has never been easier. Your finances don’t have to suffer. You can end up saving a significant amount of money simply by financing your vehicle through salary packaging. Don’t believe us? Check out our car novated lease calculator and see for yourself.

What Is a Car Novated Lease?

In the simplest of terms, a novated lease is an agreement between 3 parties: you (the employee), your employer and Vehicle Solutions (your leasing company). An arrangement is made so that Vehicle Solutions can finance your car. Then your employer can deduct the payments from your salary, before taxes, on every paycheck.

It doesn’t take much to set up your car novated lease. All you have to do is receive a regular taxable salary and check your employer’s policies on salary packaging and novated leases. After that, our team at Vehicle Solutions can handle the rest. Through some simple administrative action with the contribution of your employer, the contract can be set up quickly and easily.

How Can a Car Novated Lease Save You Money?

Saving money with a novated car lease is easy. Your novated lease payments are deducted from your salary before taxes. That means that you have a more considerable amount of your salary at your disposal. At the same time, your due taxes are taken only off post salary packaging payments, so you end up paying less total taxes. Additionally, when you buy a car with a car novated lease, you pay no GST on your initial car payment or running costs. With this financing model, you can enjoy less taxes and higher disposable income.

At Vehicle Solutions, we can help you save even more by helping you find the car you want at the right price. We have the tools and experience necessary to get you the best price on the market on your next car purchase. By getting you a lower price on your vehicle, your payments can be significantly reduced, and you can save even more on your payments.

Our team at Vehicle Solutions wants to give you all the tools and information to help you apply for and understand your novated lease. To get a clearer idea of just how much money you can save and what your payments would look like you can use our novated lease calculator. You have to input a few details such as lease term and car price and finally put a number on your savings.

With a Vehicle Solutions Novated Lease, You Won’t Have to Worry About The Extras

Your novated lease covers more than just the cost of your new car. Your lease payments include all your vehicle running costs so that expenses never catch you off guard again. Your petrol, tyres, insurance bills and servicing is all taken care of.

For more information, try out our novated lease calculator and contact Vehicle Solutions and get started on your new car purchase.