So you’ve started thinking about making a change and investing in a vehicle novated lease? If this rings true, then you’ve probably realised the first and most natural step to make is to try out a car novated lease calculator!

There are many options out there for Australians, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to decide which vehicle novated lease calculator is the best. At Vehicle Solutions Australia, we pride ourselves on complete transparency with our customers and make sure that all pertinent information regarding our vehicle novated lease calculators is clear and visible for all to see.

What is a Vehicle Novated Lease Calculator?

Essentially, it is a tool that you can use that will demonstrate an estimated cost and associated savings that you can expect when negotiating a novated lease. Vehicle novated lease calculators are incredibly useful and can provide loads of helpful information if they are reliable.

Each vehicle novated lease calculator will request at the very least, your annual salary, the term of the lease and the type of car that interests you. Many factors need consideration when deciphering these prices, so Vehicle Solutions Australia opts to ask you more, to gain a more comprehensive result.

Other Vehicle Novated Lease Calculators

The number one reason people opt for a novated lease is to save their hard earned money, so it’s a shame to be deceived by unreliable vehicle novated lease calculators that attempt to make quotes look cheaper than they are.

Providers can change how they calculate associated costs such as fuel, tyres and scheduled services, which can leave you paying a lot more than you bargained for. It’s essential for the consumer to know precisely the calculation of each cost so that they can receive the most accurate figures and make an informed decision.

Our Vehicle Novated Lease Calculator

We present a complete summary of how we determine the costs of your novated lease for every factor that’s incorporated within the agreement. You need to know precisely how a novated lease will impact your salary and it’s vital that the savings you’re assured will be correct.

The vehicle novated lease calculator that we use asks questions that other competitors don’t and ours provides an overall more accurate assessment relevant to your income. Should you have any concerns about the results presented by our vehicle novated lease calculator, don’t hesitate to call our brilliant team on 1300 990 880 to find out more.

Vehicle Solutions Australia is the definitive source when it comes to novated leases and customer service. We strive to ensure you’re getting the most out of your novated lease and we hope that you have success using our vehicle novated lease calculator.