The process of a car novated lease doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s much more straightforward than you might think. A car novated lease takes all the difficulty out of car ownership while potentially saving you thousands.

At Vehicle Solutions Australia, we are determined to provide Salary Packaging that allows you to pay less income tax, as well as save you time and hassle. Listed below is what you can expect and how the car novated lease process works and unfolds.

Car Novated Lease Calculator

The first step involves utilising our convenient online calculator to determine just how much Salary Packaging can save you during the extent of your lease. The details requested are: your employer (government or other), your annual salary, how often you get paid, the length of your contract, the body type of the car, your annual kilometres travelled and finally the price of the driveaway car.

With all these figures and details, Vehicle Solutions Australia can provide instantly an amount of the total cost per week and calculate an annual savings related to your income tax. It’s important to note that the car novated lease figures presented include: finance, fuel, tyres, scheduled services, registration and insurance renewals.

You will not require to submit any personal details at this stage, and we will present all these figures to you without any cost. It’s possible to view precisely how we calculate these savings on our online calculator page.


Once you’ve got an understanding of the types of savings you can expect with a car novated lease, it’s time to get a free and no obligation pre-approval. It’s a good idea to speed up the final documentation of your car novated lease.

Alternatively, you can request a more detailed quote for your circumstances or call our team to seek approval or to ask more about car novated leases! It’s possible to get finance approved in only a day, but a pre-approval will assist you in shortening the time in getting your car delivered.

Documents and Final Delivery

The team at Vehicle Solutions Australia will supply all of the relevant documents and will take the time to go through every paper in detail with you. With so many features involved in a car novated lease, it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed some information, so it’s crucial for us to guide you through this process.

Once we are entirely confident that you and your employer are comfortable with the agreement and that all terms are understood, we can sign the final documents. After settling these, it’s time to pick up your brand new car and feel the satisfaction of saving heaps on your next tax bill.

Want to know more about car novated leases or the process? Call the friendly team from Vehicle Solutions Australia today on 1300 990 880. We’d love to help you out!