Is your present car getting old, costly, and wearing out? Maybe it just doesn’t work the same way anymore and with the kids, their friends, school – ballet and sport on the weekends, it looks like it might be time to get something that will be more functional.

However, the prospect of taking out a car loan seems daunting and just too hard. You don’t have enough time with all the other things you have to do to spend the time to look around, and you just aren’t sure what to buy. However, this might be a good time to find out what your best options are. But how do you find the time and the right company?

Enter Novated Leasing!

Novated leasing is a vehicle solution for busy people and offers simple, competitive, and transparent lease options for employees Australia-wide without the usual fuss and bother of tramping around to find the car you want.

Vehicle solutions provide a quick and fully automated online pricing site that eliminates the exhausting process of hunting for the car you want without any pressure or hassle – all for an initial price of $19.95, which is fully refunded upon the purchase of the vehicle.

It all starts with the car you want for the best price, and as Novated Leases is our only focus, we understand how important it is to provide all relevant information in plain English.

In conjunction with, Vehicle Solutions eliminate the exhausting process of finding the new car you want. You can put in a request for the exact car, colour, and accessories which will be sent out to every dealership in your region, or Australia-wide.

Novated Leasing will tell you which dealership has your car in stock, will provide the exact on-road price anonymously (and stress-free) and will enable you to pay your vehicle expenses before taxes which means that you will spend less and have more money in each pay.

Another benefit of the process is the convenience, and most expenses can be paid for using a handy fuel card, and it means that any unforeseen expenses related to car service, insurance or registrations bills are eliminated.

One of the questions many customers ask is “Do I pay GST on the car?” The simple answer is no, and again this works for your benefit. The leasing company pays the dealership the GST included in the purchase, and they claim the total amount, which means that you are financing the car GST exclusive.

It means payments on the lease include GST, but as you have salary packaging through your work, the GST is claimed by your employer. Thus the saving is passed on to you, and this is an ATO guideline used by all salary packaging companies.

When you choose your car, Vehicle Solutions provides immediate quotes (without submitting personal details) and can get a pre-approval on the same day so that you understand the entire process before entering into any agreement.

Why not contact Vehicle Solutions today!