Vehicle Solutions is Australia’s most trusted lease provider for government and private employees.

Why should you consider a Novated Leasing option for your next car?

Simple. Through Novated Leases we offer simple, competitive, and transparent lease options for employees Australian wide, and with dozens of excellent Novated lease products on the market, we can cut through the confusion to match the best car lease for you.

How can you do this?

  • By choosing the right provider, you can
  • Reduce payments deducted from your salary
  • Get correct information, cheapest car prices and the lowest lease payments
  • Obtain clear, useful information and have the freedom to ask questions
  • \Get the best car prices to pay less interest, pay less insurance and lower residual payments

Vehicle Solutions is Australia’s leading Novated lease specialists and delivers prompt and excellent service at the lowest interest rates. When asking for information or applying for a lease, the staff provides the quickest response to a client’s request for leasing your next car, and it usually takes less than 30 minutes to assess most applications and deliver a no-obligation pre-approval.

With dozens of worthwhile Novated lease products on the market, we cut through the confusion to match the best car lease for you and can access the best products from a wide range of lenders. Subject to lending criteria, you can also get you the best interest rates on the market.

A Novated Lease is merely an arrangement between a leasing company, employer, and employee, and allows an employee to sacrifice a portion of their wage back to the employer, who utilise these funds to pay the vehicle’s running costs.

It means the employee pays less income tax while at the same time, benefits from the employer’s GST claim while retaining full control of the vehicle for 100% personal use. A fuel card pays for fuel, tyres and servicing and when your registration and insurance payments are due, you can just forward them to us, and we’ll take care of them.

As we all know, it can be consuming to hunt for the perfect new car, and with your specifications, our fully automated online pricing site provides a range of possible examples for a cost of $19.95 and which is refunded upon the purchase of a vehicle.

Importantly, our finance consultants are experts in the field and take care of all the lease and vehicle management paperwork, run through savings examples with you as well as negotiate with the finance organisations for the best interest rates.

As part of our service, we may collect personal information from you by telephone, fax, or email. However, protecting the privacy of your personal information is an essential aspect of our business dealings with customers, and we carefully govern the collection and use of your personal information.

Our success is simple, get the car you want at the best price that leads to the lowest lease payment, and save our clients as much money as possible. So, for completely-free, no-obligation quotes and examples from Australia’s leading Novated lease specialists why don’t you find out today on or call 1300 346 227.