Australia’s newest way of buying a car –

Our unique buying system allows you to request quotes from your region or across the country at the click of a button.

Motorbuys is designed for people who know what they want. It is designed for people who don’t want the hassle of driving from dealership to dealership, emails, phone calls chasing the best deals. This strategy creates unwanted sales emails and phone calls, pressure, stress and leads to in most cases a poor buying experience. Our system cuts through all the mess and simply sends you quotes directly and anonymously from dealerships, giving you enough time to make a better more informed decision.
Then and only then you get to choose to purchase the vehicle from the winning dealership.

Whats different in this from any other vehicle broker? We don’t vet your quotes. Your request goes directly to dealerships and the dealership sends the quote directly back to you and we protect your privacy the whole time, so no unwanted pressure. Only when you are ready to buy do you share your details with the winning dealership.

We don’t have preferred dealerships, we have every dealership! This means all dealerships are playing on a level playing field guaranteeing the best quote wins every time. We don’t just get quotes and give them to our mates. We never vet quotes and we will never establish a preferred dealership network.
It is important that dealerships know they are quoting a real customer who is committed to buying a new car so we charge a small one off fee of $19.95 which 100% refundable on purchase of the vehicle via Motorbuys.

We also think that $19.95 if far cheaper than the cost of fuel and phone calls that you would have made to get your pricing. But you have no stress and pressure.

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Happy shopping and remember always feel free to contact us anytime to discuss this or any service we offer.