If it’s high time that you start thinking about how you’re going to finance and procure your next car, then you’ve found yourself in the right place, and a vehicle novated lease could be the perfect solution. Taking out a car loan can be daunting, and it’s difficult to find the best deal available.

That’s why taking out a vehicle novated lease is the superior option for financing your new car. Once you understand how a vehicle novated lease works, then you’ll be able to see how easy and worry-free your new car purchase can be.

At Vehicle Solutions, we want you to know all the ways that a vehicle novated lease can benefit your life and get you driving away in the car of your choice as soon as possible. So, how exactly does a vehicle novated lease work and why should you get one?

Here are five reasons you should use novated leasing for your next car:

The Purchase Gets Deducted from Your Taxable Income

A vehicle novated lease works as the agreed sum is deducted from your salary before taxes. By doing this, your total taxable income gets reduced, and you will save money and may even fall into a lower tax bracket!

Another way that this is preferable is the fact that you don’t need to wait until the financial year is over to claim your taxes back in your income tax return, so you’ll be able to see the savings straight away!

Your Boss Makes Your Repayments for You

Instead of needlessly worrying and fiddling around with direct debit payments exiting your bank accounts constantly, your employer makes the repayments straight to Vehicle Solutions before paying your salary.

By doing it this way your repayments are always on time and you won’t have to ensure that your accounts aren’t getting overdrawn.

Enjoy Savings on GST

Vehicle Solutions will calculate all of your rental payments on the GST exclusive amount of your chosen vehicle, and you will experience this as savings. There is still a GST added to your rental payments, but your employer may be able to issue a claim before implementing your salary sacrifice on the vehicle novated lease.

You could potentially save on the GST on insurance, maintenance, tyres, fuel and everything else included with a vehicle novated lease!

The Convenience

A vehicle novated lease will give you the opportunity to include all the running costs of your car to the vehicle novated lease package. It’s incredibly simple to bundle all the various associated costs – go ahead and ask the team at Vehicle Solutions!

You Have Options!

Of course, you are entitled to take the car with you if you change employment and may even be able to transfer the vehicle novated lease to your next employer. You can select the vehicle you want, new or used as well.

If you’re considering a vehicle novated lease, use our calculator and find out just how much you could be saving!