Is your car getting old and wretched? Are you thinking about upgrading but the proposition of taking out a car loan isn’t that appealing? Then it might be time to consider a novated lease!

A novated lease could be your best option for financing your next vehicle, but it’s important to make sure to accurately assess your situation to understand if one will work for you. Luckily, at Vehicle Solutions, we have one of the most comprehensive car novated lease calculators that you can find to assist you in making a decision.

Using a car novated lease calculator is the quickest, easiest and most useful tool available to determine if novated leasing will work for you. There are many figures you need to know to accurately use our car novated lease calculator for the best results possible.

This post will highlight all the components that require consideration before determining if you’re the right fit for a novated lease as well as the information you’ll need to utilise our car novated lease calculator successfully. Additionally, we aim to provide some extra insight into some commonly asked questions regarding novated leasing and car novated lease calculators.

What Do I Need to Know?

The definitive way to determine whether you’ll benefit from novated leasing is to use a car novated lease calculator. Vehicle solutions offer an easy to use car novated lease calculator that will provide you with your potential weekly and annual savings within seconds!

No identifying information is required; however, you will need to enter your annual salary. Other information that you’ll need is how long you want the lease for, the type of car, your annual kilometres travelled, the price of the intended vehicle and whether over 60% of your vehicle’s use is business related.

Once you’ve filled all the relevant boxes, it’s time to use the car novated lease calculator and discover just how much a novated lease can help you financially.

What Do These Figures Mean?

The numbers that the car novated lease calculator provides will display your potential savings that by reducing your taxable income. These weekly payments include finance, fuel, tyres, scheduled services, registration and insurance renewals.

The second figure represents your annual savings from your income tax. What these figures from the car novated lease calculator mean to you will have the most impact on whether or not a novated lease is for you.

Obtain Pre-Approval Now!

A pre-approval is free, and again with no personal information, the team at Vehicle Solutions can see if you’ll be eligible and ready to start saving with a novated lease. Once your employer has agreed to the terms, leave the rest to us, and you can enjoy the simplicity of a novated lease while keeping savings in your pocket!