At Vehicle Solutions, we always strive to offer a more competitive and transparent quote and provide fast and efficient novated leasing services to all government and private employees.

Free and Immediate Quote

Our online calculator provides you with a completely free and immediate quote that is transparent and very accurate. It does not require submitting any personal details, and you can use it as many times as you need.

Best New Car Prices

Buying the car at the best price means less interest and lower residual payment for you. That is why we offer you Australia’s best fully automated new car buying website Motorbuys.

Motorbuys charges a fee so that dealerships feel confident they are quoting real customers. We will refund 100% of the fee to all Vehicle Solutions clients who choose their cars through Motorbuys.

Income Tax Savings

The finance payments of your car are deducted from your pre-tax salary, reducing your taxable income and your income tax with it.

To reduce your income tax even more, Vehicle Solutions also adds all the car running costs to your regular lease payments deducted from your gross salary.

Savings on Goods and Services Tax

By getting a car through novated leasing, you will not pay GST on its purchase price. Also, as the running costs of the vehicle are paid through your employer, they can claim back this GST and pass it back to you.

Novated Leasing Information Sessions

We provide information sessions to explain more about novated leasing or have a more detailed discussion tailored to your needs and requirements. These sessions can be organised for a small group or one on one.

Easy to Understand Documentation

We will not go through any step of the novated leasing process, without making sure you have the complete, clear and transparent information you need to be explained in plain English.

Fast Turnaround

If the car you chose is in stock, we can process all the novated leasing documents and have you driving your new or used car within the week.

Fuel Card

We provide you with a fuel card to cover your car running costs.  For this, we chose Motorpass fuel cards because they include most fuel stations, vehicle service centres and most tyre, windscreen, and battery retailers in Australia. Your monthly costs are then sent by Motorpass to us directly, and we pay all expenses on your behalf.

Online Account Accessible 24/7

Every client of Vehicle Solutions has an “Employee Logon” account on our website. By logging into your account, you will be taken to a secure site that contains all the information on your entire transaction list from the very beginning.

Your account also grants you access to our frequently used forms to complete claims and odometer readings.

24-Hrs Claims Processing

We only need 24 hours, from the time we receive your claims, to process and deposit them back into your bank account.

To get all of these benefits and more visit our website or call us now!