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To be a great Novated Lease company starts with your ability and attitude in taking the time to explain how a Novated Lease works; explain the process, where the savings are generated, what happens at the end of the lease, why the employer is invloved and what is the difference between normal car loans and the lease. Then the Novated Lease company need to provide a clear, transparent competitive quote that shows a breakdown of every running cost and the annual packaging fees applicable. There are also a number of other services that a Novated Leasing Company needs to provide to complete the entire process so that the client is getting the best deal.

Understand what a Novated Lease is.

We come across a lot of employees with unanswered questions, or they are halfway through packages and were unaware of the ability to change their budgets or the residual value at the end.

By choosing the right provider you can reduce the payments being deducted from your salary. Get the correct information, the cheapest car price and the lowest lease payment. Clear, simple information and the ability to ask questions is central to this process.

Answers and Assistance
The most important aspect is understanding how Salary Packaging works and where the savings come from. Our personal one on one service ensures we’re always there to answer your questions.

Transparent Information
At Vehicle Solutions Australia all we do is Novated Leasing, so we understand how important it is to provide all the information in transparent, plain English. Residuals, GST, FBT, repayments its all in black and white.

Best car prices
It all starts with the car. If you can get the best car price, then you pay less interest, less insurance and have a lower residual payment. It’s that simple. We have designed and run Australia’s best only fully automated online new car buying website at

Most competitive Novate Lease Quote

By getting the best car price and having a great interest rate your Novated lease quote will be very competitive and save you even more money over the lease term. Always get a second quote to compare budgets, residual values and lease payments.

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Please use our online calculator below to see how much you could save in tax and the cost to your take-home pay for your dream car.

The most important part of any Salary Package is to understand how it works, the benefits and where the savings come from. Once you understand this you are in a better place to make a decision. To book a one on one or a small group session please call 1300 990 880.


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