EV’s are now 100% Tax Free on a Novated Lease

Vehicle Solutions makes EV Novated Leasing simple!

The new government tax legislation to make EV’s under $84,916, 100% tax free on a novated lease is a massive win for affordable driving. But what EV’s are available under this legislation, who makes them, how much do they cost, what driving range can I expect. There are so many questions to be answered and we have created one simple site to answer them all.

We have created one website for you to compare all FBT exempt EV’s, then calculate the cost of any EV to your current take home pay in seconds.

The site is designed to be updated the moment a new eligible FBT exempt EV becomes available.

The site allows you to view all FBT Exempt EV’s available in Australia and then view more detail on each vehicle including retail price, battery range, power and the manufacturers warranty periods. There are also useful links directly to the manufacturers site and our own EV Novated Calculator.

Connect to the website HERE.