What makes up the best novated lease calculator?

Here are some of the key features that make up the best novated lease calculator;

Honest, transparent information.

There is nothing more frustrating than being quoted a figure on a website and then being charged something else when you go to pick up your item. Novated leasing is exactly the same. Vehicle Solutions Australia has a free, easy to use transparent novated lease calculator that provides a very accurate quote on the actual cost to your take-home pay if you decide to do a novated lease.

Easy to use

Novated Leasing for most people is difficult to understand. A Novated Lease calculator needs to have easy to use fields to complete personal information that can produce the quote.
Our Novated Lease calculator has the following fields;

Employer (This can affect the quote as different employers can have slightly different ways of reporting items within the lease).

Lease term; How you want the figures to be presented (weekly, fortnightly or monthly); your gross annual salary; the vehicle drive away price.

Vehicle type (this effects the vehicle running costs, eg. 4×4 uses more fuel than a small hatch); annual km’s you will travel (again this effects the running cost budgets).

Prompt Calculation

Our Novated Lease calculator automatically calculates your cost to take home pay and tax savings every time one of the above variables are updated or changed. This feature allows you to understand how different cars, terms and km’s will affect the cost to your take-home pay. Armed with this information you can make a more informed decision about the affordability of your next car.

Contact Details

If you ever need to talk to us, before during or after doing your calculations we have included our 1300 number or the contact us link that lets you request a callback or more information.
Nobody wants pressure from a salesperson!

One of the most important aspects of creating the best Novated Lease calculator is to provide time, space and privacy for people to complete their decision-making process. We never ask for your personal details before providing a quote, but we are always here to answer any questions, and we continually update our “More Information” pages.

Helpful Information Links

Our Novated Lease calculator includes a section of helpful information about how each of the calculations is performed and a number of helpful links to other sections of our site that can; answer those frequently asked questions; get you a finance pre-approval or can assist in getting you the best deal on your new car.

Click HERE to try our Novated Lease calculator.