Novated leasing, also known as ‘salary sacrifice’ is often the most cost-effective and tax-effective way for normal folks on a salary to get their hands on a new car. If you’re tired of your old vehicle and would like to increase your monthly disposable income, then a novated lease might be your best move.

A novated lease is an uncomplicated three-way arrangement between you, your employer and a third-party financier like us. People are sometimes put-off because it sounds complicated but trust us, it’s quite straightforward. We like to take the pain out of leasing and make things as simple as possible.

The Simplest & Best Value Novated Lease in Adelaide

In a novated lease with us, we’ll work with you and your employer to ensure that you maximise your savings while also obtaining your dream car. It works like this:

You agree to sacrifice a portion of your pre-tax salary in exchange for a new car. Your employer then deducts the agreed payments from your salary – after the initial paperwork, this process will become automatic. We look after the rest by taking on the burden of all the administration and make sure that everything keeps running smoothly.

Entering into a novated lease and deducting the running costs, pre-tax, means you pay less tax on your take-home pay which equates to a more significant amount of disposable income in your pocket each month. Essentially, some of the money that you would have paid in tax is now being put towards your shiny new vehicle.

Additionally, you’ll pay no GST when purchasing a car through a novated lease. Since you are salary packaging your car through work, the GST is claimed by your employer and the tax savings are passed onto you – even if your car is not used specifically for work purposes.

Transparency & Choice in Novated Leasing

We work hard to make sure that our novated leasing process is the most straightforward and transparent in Adelaide.

Truth be told, we founded Vehicle Solutions because we were sick of the lack of transparency and choice that existed within the novated leasing market. We’d seen enough hidden fees and complicated clauses to know that the customers deserved better.

Our mission is to help ordinary folks to be able to drive a car that they love while also saving them as much money as possible. To reach this aim, we’ve designed and launched a bespoke online system that enables over 400 and counting car dealerships across Australia to quote a novated lease in-house for customers. It provides you with the information you need to make the best and most well-informed purchase.

Unlike many other novated lease companies, we’re passionate about giving you a choice too – so you’ll always have the decision about where to buy, insure and finance your novated lease car. We also have developed one of the free, no-details-required calculators in the industry which allows you to calculate just how much you can save with absolutely no strings attached.

Novated Leasing That Works for You

Novated leasing provides a win-win situation for both you and your employer by packaging your car as part of your salary. When done right, you can end up saving a significant chunk of money when compared to traditional leasing and buying a car outright.

Ultimately, the size of the savings that you’ll enjoy will come down to the reliability and experience of the novated leasing provider you choose.  Make sure that you don’t get sucked into a low-quality novated lease provided by a lazy provider with undisclosed fees. Ensure that you take the time to find a reputable provider who’ll give you transparency, value and straight-forwardness in their service. There are already thousands of folks in Adelaide who are enjoying the benefits of novated leasing, so why not join them with your next new car?