The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle (EV) in Australia can vary depending on the type of charging station and the capacity of the EV battery.

  • A Level 1 charging station, which uses a standard 120-volt outlet, can take up to 20 hours to fully charge a typical electric car.
  • A Level 2 charging station, which uses a 240-volt outlet and is commonly found at public charging stations, can charge an EV in about 4-6 hours, depending on the vehicle’s battery capacity.
  • A Level 3 charging station, also known as a DC fast charger, can charge an EV to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes. However, not all electric vehicles are compatible with DC fast charging.

It’s important to note that charging times can also depend on the charging station’s power output and the charging speed supported by the vehicle.

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