A novated lease is an agreement between you (the employee), your employer and your leasing company. The best part about it is that it allows you to save a significant amount of money on your new car, through salary packaging. Getting a novated lease is an especially attractive option since it delivers both a new car and more disposable income. (You can find out exactly how much a novated lease can save you by checking out our novated lease calculator).

At Vehicle Solutions, we believe that knowledge is power and that understanding salary packaging is essential to enjoying its benefits. We are always available to answer your questions and offer one-on-one assistance to our clients, so that you’ll always get the answers you need. Our goal is to give you all the tools and information to help you figure out how a novated lease can work for you.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for a Novated Lease?

Anyone who regularly receives taxable income is eligible to apply for a car novated lease. However, as stated above, a novated lease is a three-way agreement that includes leasing company, employee and employer. That means that all three parties must be in check to set up the novated lease.

So, besides having a regular taxable salary, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with your employer’s novated leasing policy before moving forward. In a novated lease, your employer is the one that makes your pre-tax salary deductions and handles arrangements. They are an essential part of the process.

How Do I Set Up a Novated Lease?

Setting up your lease, once an agreement has been made, then falls upon your employer and leasing company. Your employer and our team at Vehicle Solutions will handle the necessary administrative arrangements to set everything into place. At vehicle solutions, we aim to save you trouble. With our novated lease expertise, your employer won’t have to deal with all the hassle. Instead, our team can take on most of the work. We have figured out exactly how to make the leasing process as simple as possible for all parties involved.

How Much Can I Save With a Novated Lease?

Novated leasing allows you to cover your vehicle expenses from your pre-tax salary, enabling you to cover costs from a higher disposable income. By choosing the right provider, you can reduce the size of your payments to maximize your savings. At Vehicle Solutions, we help you get the lowest price on your car, which results in smaller payments right from the start.

The benefits of novated leasing are fantastic in theory, but they get even better once you can see them applied to your personal situation. Find out exactly how much you can save with our novated lease calculator. By simply entering some data such as desired car price and lease term you will be able to put a real number to costs and savings. Our novated lease calculator won’t ask for any personal information, so you can safely plan for savings ahead.

If you are looking to get a new car, consider novated leasing. Try out our novated lease calculator and find out just how much you can save! Contact our team for more information; we are happy to assist you!