Buying a new car is an expensive exercise, and the costing doesn’t just stop at the dealership. There are forever going to be ongoing expenses to maintain it. Think weekly petrol top-ups, regular servicing, new tires, insurance and registration, the list could go on. But how about if there is an option to drive the car you wanted, with all expenses combined into a monthly fee? Well, with novated leasing from vehicle solutions, there is!

Here are a few good reasons why you should seriously consider a vehicle novated lease for your next car:

Fixed Costs

One of the main attractions with vehicle novated leasing is the fixed costs that come with it. Every month you will know exactly how much you will need to pay, and will never experience the shock of unexpected expenses. You also have the option of including your car’s servicing and maintenance costs into this amount so you’ll never have to worry about getting things fixed. Additionally, you can save on the maintenance fees!

Vehicle Novated Lease Programs Offer You The Ultimate Convenience

Using a vehicle novated leasing system is exceptionally convenient; that is why it’s gaining such volumes of popularity. Not only this, but the process is nowhere near as long and complicated as purchasing a new or used car. All you need is to decide on a vehicle and choose a vehicle novated leasing package that is best for you. At Vehicle Solutions, we help you through the entire process ensuring that it is simple and as convenient for you as possible!

Vehicle Novated Lease Allows You to Upgrade Every Few Years!

People tend to find themselves bored with the same thing for too long and are continually wanting the next best thing. The same goes for your car. If you’re one of those drivers, who are inclined to update their car every year or so, leasing is perfect for you! Depending on your contract length, you can be upgrading your ride every couple of years, meaning that you’ll never get sick of your daily commute!

Want a New Car? A Vehicle Novated Lease Is the Answer

If you’re contemplating about purchasing a new car, why not consider a vehicle novated lease program with Vehicle Solutions! Combine all of your car maintenance into one monthly payment, and never again worry about depreciation.

Check out Vehicle Solutions today to see how you can benefit from a vehicle novated lease!