The Australian Tax Office allow anyone with a taxable income and a willing employer to participate in a car novated lease agreement. All of the grunt work gets completed by your fleet provider (Vehicle Solutions), and once you’ve settled the paperwork, then all you have to do is enjoy the savings and convenience of your car novated lease.

While that’s all well and good to say how great of a saving mechanism that investing in a car novated lease is, you might want to know what exactly gets included. Here is the comprehensive listing of everything you can expect to have bundled in with your car novated lease!

You Can Lease other Vehicles

A car novated lease includes any vehicle that meets the ATO’s definition of a motor vehicle. For instance, this means cars, utility trucks, load carrying vehicles that are designed to carry loads less than a tonne and vans made to that are carry fewer than nine passengers. So, whatever your needs are as a road user a car novated lease could still be for you.

Commercial vehicles and motorbikes are unfortunately not considered to be motor vehicles by the ATO, but the above mentioned can be purchased through car novated leasing as either new or used vehicles!

The Best Lease Rates

With the expert team under the employ of Vehicle Solutions, we can provide the best lease rates in the current market place.

The team can also offer pertinent advice on the ideal vehicles to lease to help you save further.

Fuel & other Running Costs

Your car novated lease will include a fuel card that gets loaded with an allowance and of course this gets incorporated within the weekly car novated lease repayments paid by your employer.

Additionally, all of your servicing, maintenance, registration, tyres are a part of your all inclusive car novated lease.

On-Road Insurance

Securing the right deal for your vehicle’s insurance can sometimes be a time-consuming and challenging task. With a car novated lease, Vehicle Solutions takes care of your insurance for you.

Free Time

When you combine all of the running costs associated with driving a vehicle, it’s easy to see how much time and effort goes into maintaining and managing one. A car novated lease allows you to take the time to enjoy yourself instead of worrying about payments!

Peace of Mind

Call the friendly team at Vehicle Solutions today or use our car novated lease calculator to see how you can benefit from a vehicle novated lease! It’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to finance your new car!

Our team of leasing experts will be happy to answer all of your questions and offer you advice on how best to initiate your new car novated lease!