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Our Motorb17553470_1336880376379605_8844071992241077254_nuys system just save our client $7025 off the new car price!

The best new car price will reduce your lease payment. By using our car buying system Motorbuys, our client saved $7,025 on Hyundai Tucson Active X FWD Auto. That’s more that 23% discount off the list price. Getting this discount meant the lease payments were less and the residual value was less. Overall this brand new Hyundai Tucson wagon was Salary Packaged for a very affordable $155 per week. This included the finance, fuel, services, tyres, as well as the registration and insurance renewals every year. If your after the best deal on your next new car please call us on 1300 990 880.

To get the best Salary Package deal you need to get the best price on the car. To get the best price on the car Motorbuys will send an anonymous request to every car dealership in your region. You then get to view every quote in detail and choose the one that best suits your needs. We then use this price to complete your Salary Packaging quote. The cheaper price means lower lease payments, lower residual and can even lower the cost of insurance.